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Mistletoe Scarf Ring
Mistletoe Scarf Ring

Mistletoe Scarf Ring

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Our Mistletoe scarf ring is handmade in Shropshire in bright, shiny pewter.  A light scarf ring that will take a silk scarf up to a regular weight scarf.

A pretty design incorporating mistletoe, the most magical and sacred plants in Paganism, symbolising life, fertility and protecting against poison. 

Because mistletoe is an “in between” plant – not a herb or a tree, growing between earth and sky, and its growth and season follows no rules, it is a plant of deep magic. It is a powerful gateway or talisman to the other world. It is most famous for its all healing properties, but is associated with Faerie magic as well. It could well be considered a “key” to the mysteries of the other world, which is why it was so revered by the Druids. ~ Susa Morgan Black  https://druidry.org/resources/drualus-mistletoe-the-sacred-plant-of-the-druids

“The mistletoe symbolizes the moment of incarnation, the moment of entry into time. The oak symbolizes the eternity of Tradition. Oak and mistle united point to the mystery of the existence of both Time and No-Time, Form, and No-Form." ~ Philip Carr-Gomm

Material: Lead-free Pewter
Length: 60mm
Width: 55mm