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The Dragons Edge - Peter Royston Smith

The Dragons Edge - Peter Royston Smith

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“We returned here from our lives whenever we could, to find it again, enter our magical realm where these magical creatures lived their momentary lives and where anything was possible…”

Arimathea has evolved into a sentient, conscious planet many eons after a cataclysm overcame a previous incarnation. The surviving dragons drifted out across the universe and eventually found her. A lonely creation spirit world revolving around her star which they could inhabit and complete. The dragons dreamed out their spirit memories into the life force as it flowed through the newly forming world. However the forces of creation and destruction and the tension they form between each other will always influence the life of any world as it evolves. Again the powerful human race, disconnected and unconcerned about the demise of their world, have brought Arimathea to the limits of her ability to survive. ‘The Dragons Edge’ is where everything can be changed.  A time when it is possible for the Dragons to send their dreams and visions out from their crystal caverns deep in Arimathea, through the fabric of this struggling world, to the spirits, human and animal, incarnated once again to help Arimathea find a safer path into the future.

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