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The land of äR - Oracle Deck - Eli Beelen

The land of äR - Oracle Deck - Eli Beelen

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A magical deck of 38 double sided cards out of pure love for the trees. A creation coming from a vision quest on the author's own path of druidry.

It captures the essence and deep personal stories of the ancients of the forest in the land of äR; the subtlety an unique energy of each tree. 

One side contains mesmerising pictures of these beings and the other side contains a tree-mandala which takes you through the portals of their magic.

The cards come with an e-book that contains 'poe-tree' and GaldR directly channeled from these giants.

For everyone who resonates with magic tree portals, GaldR and the love of the standing tribe. 

Meet some of the wonderful birches and oaks and their cards in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mKl2VJRdqEk