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Go Gently by Bonnie Wright

Go Gently by Bonnie Wright

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Go Gently : Actionable Steps to Nurture Yourself and the Planet

An inspiring and approachable tip-filled guide to changing your habits, living more sustainably, and taking action, by Greenpeace ambassador Bonnie Wright (Ginny Weasley in the Harry Potter movies)

Go Gently is a practical guide for sustainability at home that offers simple, tangible steps towards reducing our environmental impact by looking at what we consume and the waste we create, as well as how to take action for environmental change. The title reflects Bonnie's belief that the best way to change our planet and ourselves is through a gentle approach, rather than a judgmental one. This is a book of do's rather than don'ts.

Going through every room in her home, Bonnie helps us assess which products are sustainable, and offers alternatives for those that are not. She shares recipes to avoid food waste, homemade self-care products to avoid packaging, small space friendly gardening ideas and a template for creating your own compost system. Finally, there are exercises and meditation prompts to keep you energised, as well as tips on how to get involved in wider community activism.

"It's sometimes easy to become overwhelmed by a sense that we have no personal power when it comes to protecting and caring for the Environment. Then there is the idea of 'perfectionism' - that unless you are doing everything, you aren't doing it right. This book, by it's very title, offers practical and everyday suggestions anyone can use to live a more environmentally-conscious life. Something that is at the heart of the modern Druid tradition - a deep and caring relationship with the Earth." - Damh the Bard

Hardback 304 pages, 160 colour photographs and illustrations

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