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CERRIDWEN | Celtic Goddess of Inspiration by Kristoffer Hughes

CERRIDWEN | Celtic Goddess of Inspiration by Kristoffer Hughes

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The witch goddess Cerridwen is the focus of devotion and reverence among witches and Pagans around the world.

This book traces Cerridwen's roots through layers of history and myth, and it provides hands-on exercises and visionary rites to help you realize her immeasurable power in your own magical practice. Welsh Druid Kristoffer Hughes shows you how to evoke the magic of ecstatic poetry and song as you join the lineage of magical bards who have explored the secrets of Awen and Cerridwen s cauldron of inspiration.

You will also discover Kristoffer's powerful approach to contemplative journeying, working with sigils, and creating an altar. With rituals for initiation, affirmation, and clarity, this deeply poetic book explores the transformative energies of the goddess of witches.

  • Format: Paperback / softback 336 pages
  • Weight: 575g
  • Dimensions: 153 x 227 x 26 (mm)

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