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Creating Ceremony by Glennie Kindred & Lu Garner

Creating Ceremony by Glennie Kindred & Lu Garner

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Written in collaboration with Lula Garner, this hand written, hand sewn book is fully illustrated with Glennie's line drawings.

A self help straight forward and practical guide to creating ceremonies for all occasions, to mark and honour any event or special moment in your life. These include pregnancy blessingways, baby welcoming, marriages and handfastings, funerals, any rite of passage such as entering puberty or menopause, preparing for a new start in life, letting go of the old and releasing the past, calling in the changes you wish for, moving on, divorce, retirement, honouring any special moment in your life.

The book covers space clearing, protection, opening and closing a ceremony, grounding exercises, casting a circle, meditations and visualisations, moon cycles, healing, cleansing, blessings, symbolic plantings and dedications, anointing, dance, using the voice, making sacred objects and more. This book also explores opportunities in you daily life to use ritual and ceremony for deepening your spiritual connection and dealing with life's changes.

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