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Druid Wisdom Oracle Deck by Sandra Greenhalgh

Druid Wisdom Oracle Deck by Sandra Greenhalgh

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Let’s go on a journey together. We shall walk between tall oak trees, through shadows and sunlight, surrounded by birdsong and the sound of the wind among the leaves.

The Druids - the teachers, magicians, priests, healers and lore-keepers of the ancient Celts - gathered in such forest groves. There they learnt the mysteries about the turning of the seasons, the dance of the stars across the skies and the interrelationships between earth, air, fire and water. Stories of Goddesses and Gods, Heroes and Queens were shared, and knowledge about healing, promoting peace and justice was imparted.

In 33 lovingly illustrated cards, the Druid Wisdom Oracle harmoniously integrates the lore of the ancient Druids with the practices of modern day Druidry.  Myths, legends and tradition are woven together to reveal gentle yet powerful insights that will reunite you with your own inner wisdom. 

Additionally, the Druid Wisdom Oracle can be used as a conduit to deepen your understanding  of contemporary Druidry, a vibrant spirituality which inspires creativity and fosters connection with the natural world around us. 

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