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Handmade Terrarium Pendants

Handmade Terrarium Pendants

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Unique beautiful jewellery, handmade with the power of positive energy in Sussex by OBOD member and author Joanne Hedger in Sussex.

Created from natural materials found within the ancient Sussex woodland and working in harmony with the seasons and the environment – waiting for the lichen to fall during autumn winds, or the new bright green leaves that emerge in the springtime - these handmade pendants capture the essence of everyday beauty, reminding you to find awe in the simplest moments.

Nature is a marvel and when surrounded by the wonders of the natural world it’s impossible not to be inspired, uplifted and rejuvenated by it. It is these feelings and their associated positive energies that are woven into each piece right from the carefully timed material gathering stages, through handcrafting and eventually to packing. The materials are only taken from sustainable sources, using natural packaging and 100 percent eco-friendly plant-based resins. Every pendant uses real leaves or lichen set in hypoallergenic eco-resin and placed in a real acorn cup from the Northern Red Oak. Each are then hand-threaded with adjustable knots on waxed cotton cord. 

By preserving the beauty of the little things that surround us in this nature-inspired pendant, you will always be carrying a reminder in this fast-paced world to stop, take a moment, look around, and breathe in the natural creations of the wilderness.

English Hawthorn and Acorn Pendant Necklace

Hawthorn represents cleansing and purification, magic and protection.

English White or Green Lichen and Acorn Pendant Necklace

Lichen only grows where the air is clear - a symbiosis of two plant elements working together and thus represents partnership, connection, and purity.

The plant-based eco resin is non-toxic, non-yellowing, non-conductive, non-allergenic and 100% safe. Comes presented in a natural degradable box to protect the tiny terrarium.

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