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Ogham and the Wood Wide Web by Diane Maxey, Sandie Coombs & Wendy Trevennor

Ogham and the Wood Wide Web by Diane Maxey, Sandie Coombs & Wendy Trevennor

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Trees have inspired a very special magical alphabet and divinatory system, Ogham. This beautiful and mysterious writing system is very much a part of the world of the Celts.

Its association with the God Ogma points to its importance to the Celtic priesthood known as the Druids and their nature wisdom, their ancient and magical relationship with trees and with sacred groves.

Woods have this ability to rejuvenate and heal, to smooth away stress and anxiety, and as you linger under the trees a dreamlike quality develops, and you find your mind drifting in ways associated with the practice of meditation, the brainwave patterns change, and the rhythms of your body seem to slow and strengthen. Come with us for a walk in the woods, explore the primeval forests of the mind, meet the beautiful and magical trees of the world, and find out how they might communicate their wisdom to us.

"Ogham and the Wood Wide Web is my first non fiction collaboration book with - Wendy Trevennor and Diane Maxey - to be published. I began learning about the Ogham in 2005 when I joined the Order of Bards Ovates and Druids. Since that time I have worked with the many aspects of Ogham and interaction with the trees is just a normal part of life for me. I am hopeful that anyone reading Ogham and the Wood Wide Web will be inspired to interact with trees and the many gifts they have to offer worldwide; growing to love them as much as I do." Sandie Coombs

“One of the best and most concise books on Ogham I’ve ever read. Highly recommended.” Philip Carr-Gomm

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