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Sacred Animals by Gordon MacLellan

Sacred Animals by Gordon MacLellan

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"Sacred Animals" by Gordon Maclellan is about creating deeper connections with animals from the physical world and Otherworld. Drawing on ancient knowledge and other customs, this book can help you start creating meaningful relationships with animal spirits.

This is about animals, but not always animals to see or touch or run away from, but animals to see with the eyes of your mind, to feel with, for, about, to encounter in the other ways. Animals to wonder over in the Otherworld and in this, the physical, world. The heart of this book is a spiritual adventure into contact and friendship with the animal world.

It draws on ancient knowledge, surviving traditions, memories of other customs and the simple imagination that helps fill in the gaps. Hopefully, this might also be your story. This could be the start of your story and the chance to shape and grow your own connections with the spirits of the animal world.

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