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Sacred Rose by Mara Freeman

Sacred Rose by Mara Freeman

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Sacred Rose: The Soul’s Path to Beauty and Wisdom

This book is an invitation to enter the Rose Garden: the sanctuary of the soul that resides within every human heart.

For the Rose is one of the loveliest symbols of spirituality in the western world: a timeless expression of beauty, love, and, ultimately, oneness with the Divine.

Each chapter will take you on a mystical journey through myth, religion, sacred art and poetry, including the Rose in the classical world, the medieval visions of Mary, the wisdom of the Sufi mystics, the hidden codes of the Alchemists, the ceremonies of 19th century magical orders, and the poems of modern visionaries, along with rose windows, the Kabbalah, tarot cards and more.

Within the Rose Garden guided meditations offer gentle but profound nourishment to the soul leading to a sense of inner peace and a deeper connectedness with the essential Self through a uniquely Western path.

Mara Freeman is a leading writer, teacher and ritualist of Celtic, Druidic and related Western mythology and magical traditions. She is the founder of the Avalon Mystery School, a comprehensive training program in the Arts of Sacred Magic, and author of many published articles, and the book, Kindling the Celtic Spirit: Ancient Traditions To Illumine your Life throughout the Seasons (HarperSanFrancisco, 2001.) Dividing her time between California and West Wales, Mara teaches at universities and educational centers in the United States as well as leading annual retreats and pilgrimages in the British Isles and Ireland.

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