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The Book of Trees - Piotr Socha (Author) & Wojciech Grajkowski (Text By)

The Book of Trees - Piotr Socha (Author) & Wojciech Grajkowski (Text By)

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Why are trees so important? How many types are there? How do they benefit the environment and wildlife?

This book, by the award-winning author Piotr Socha, answers these questions and more, tracking the history of trees from the time of the dinosaurs to the current day.

Piotr Socha is a graphic designer and illustrator, and the son of a beekeeper. He is one of Poland’s most popular cartoonists, famous for his comic drawings in various prominent Polish magazines and newspapers.

Wojciech Grajkowski is a biologist, and has written widely on science and nature for children.

Hardback Children's book. Dimensions : 27.2 x 1 x 37 cm


"A beautifully illustrated homage to trees and their vital importance to us all' - Mainstreet Books"

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