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The Lost Words by Robert Macfarlane & Jackie Morris

The Lost Words by Robert Macfarlane & Jackie Morris

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The Lost Words : Rediscover our natural world with this spellbinding book


A timeless, beautifully designed book for children and adults alike, The Lost Words will be pored over and cherished for years to come. All over the country, there are words disappearing from children's lives. These are the words of the natural world; Dandelion, Otter, Bramble and Acorn, all gone.

A wild landscape of imagination and play is rapidly fading from our children's minds. The Lost Words stands against the disappearance of wild childhood. It is a joyful celebration - in art and word - of nearby nature and its wonders.

With acrostic spell-poems by award-winning writer Robert Macfarlane and illustrations by Jackie Morris, this enchanting book evokes the irreplaceable magic of language and nature for all ages.

Discover The Lost Spells, the magical companion book from the creators of a literary phenomenon.

'The most beautiful and thought-provoking book I've read this year' Frank Cottrell-Boyce, Observer

'Robert Macfarlane and Jackie Morris have made a thing of astonishing beauty' Alex Preston, Observer

'My top book of the year' Susan Hill, Spectator

'Gorgeous to look at and to read. Give it to a child to bring back the magic of language - and its scope' Jeanette Winterson, Guardian

Hardback 128 pages 371 x 277 x 17 (mm)


  • Lost Words Card Game
  • The Lost Words Card Game is based on the stunning book of acrostic poems by best-selling author Robert Macfarlane and reknown artist Jackie Morris. It's all about nature that has become unfamiliar to the modern generation.
  • NATURE'S BEST - Deal out four Nature cards to each player and place two of the remaining Nature cards in the middle. Shuffle the Spell deck and deal out three cards to each player. Place the remaining Spell deck in the middle of the table turned up
  • INTERACTIVE, STRATEGIC & FUN - The game is won by placing your Spell cards over beautifully illustrated Nature cards before your opponents. Put your mind to work for this creative card placing game. Use strategy, card tactics and a little luck!
  • IT’S GAME TIME: The Lost Words is fun for the whole family, ages 8 and up. Find a worthy opponent for this exciting game. Get set for a game time of 30 minutes. Included; 20 Nature cards, 40 Spell cards, 20 Special cards, and rules

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